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Chicago Cobra Self Defense | Brian Baim | Total Impact Martial Arts Head InstructorBrian Baim

Head Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt

Shihan Brian Baim, Head Instructor of Total Impact Martial Arts, is a Master instructor through the American Bu Kyoku Ryu Karate Association. He holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt. Shihan Brian is a certified Alpha Krav Maga instructor and is also certified through the Martial Arts Teachers Association. He began his martial arts training at age 9, first studying Taekwondo, before transitioning into Shotokan karate and wrestling a few years later.

It was at Z’s Martial Arts Academy (formerly the premier kickboxing and karate school in Buffalo Grove and Wheeling) where he studied American Bu Kyoku Ryu Karate, a mixed martial art that combines Okinawan and Japanese Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Here, Shihan Brian was mentored by Master Rob Zbilski and the late, great Master Jim Zbilski. Shihan Rob Zbilski (WAKO U.S.A president for Kickboxing) is a 7th Degree Blackbelt and is ranked Grand Master in Bu Kyoku Ryu.

Shihan Brian became one of the first to achieve the rank of black belt and is currently one of the highest ranked black belts under Shihan Rob Zbilski and Z’s Martial Arts! Shihan Brian managed Buffalo Grove Martial Arts and served as head instructor for 10 years.

With 35 years of martial arts & kickboxing experience with 27 years of teaching experience, Brian has coached, trained and cornered many fighters. He is also the Co-founder of Total Impact Self Defense Systems (along with his business partner Jeff Nelson) and co-founder of Total Impact Global & Fitness an online training university. Total Impact is an innovative, exciting, family oriented Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Arlington Heights Illinois.